IFS offer fans that cater for everything from food processing to foundries. We insist on sourcing high quality material for all units and great care is taken to ensure material compatability, and suitability for application is met. We can supply everything from stainless steels to Hardox and our manufacturing processes ensure that the correct fabrication methods are employed, to ensure robust construction and adherence to the relevant quality standards.

Our fan selection is carried out by our experienced engineers, using cutting edge fan selection software and carried out to select the correct fan unit for our customers’ requirements. We can offer anything from Aerofoil fans for a high efficiency application, to paddle fans for handling material loads. In addition to the fan units we can offer standard, or tailor made modifications, such as acoustic housings or inlet vane dampers. Whatever it is you need, we will offer a solution that is best for you.

We can offer a variety of finishes for our units such as powder-coating, galvanizing or wet-spraying.